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  Ok you got my 1st email. I just changed something real quick and I'm not signed in so I'm an anonymous user now so lets see if you get this email!
Test 2
We would like to peruse the nomination form and awards but when I click on Awards I go no where.  How can I see these forms and awards?
Thank You
I wonder what happened to my Senior Membership application?
I would like to sign up for the Fall Conference in Door Co. 
Is there a way to pay for only the Rock Ladies presentation, rather than registering for the entire Friday (at $100!)?  Thanks, Pat Giesfeldt
The Rock Ladies presentation on Friday, Oct. 26
I just registered for the fall conference as well as purchased a membership. I accidentally closed out of the window without printing the receipt. I thought it would be email but was not. Is it possible to have a receipt emailed to me?
Hello -
Our school district is in the process of a curriculum overhaul, and one of our teachers said we are required by the state to offer a separate course in Environmental Education. However, we see no documentation that the EE component of our curriculum needs to be offered in a separate course - merely that it needs to be incorporated into our curriculum (such as an intro science course). Can you clarify what the DPI requires of us?
Thanks so much for your input!
Required to offer a course?
I see the conference registration just opened.  Do you know when the session schedule will be up?  We'd like to see the offerings to help us make our decision about registering.  Thanks!
Annual conference
your address on your contact us page is still nelson hall, fyi
address is wrong
Please let me know what day I would be able to call in my credit card information for the conference in Lacrosse, Wisconsin.
You must be closed for the holidays.  Thank You
Jim McGrath
Green Schools National Network
I would like to CALL IN my Credit Card #
Hi, I am wondering if there is space for one person in the Tuesday Pre-conference Workshop, "The Art and Science of Experiential Group Facilitation and Teaching"? Can I still register on-line? Thanks, Phyllis
Is there space available in the WAEE Pre-Conference workshop
Due you have the dates set for this event for this year yet? we would like to list them in our annual Speaking SolarWise newsletter.
WAEE Winter Workshop at Treehaven
I emailed an application for the book signing on Thursday from 1-2 PM, but did not receive any reply. Am I "in" ?
Book signing on Thursday
According to my records Wehr Nature Center mailed in a check in May 2012 to renew ourt membership.  To date, I cannot find in my email or did not received via us mail a notice of renewal. Do you send these out or are we on our own to keep our membership up to date?  Thank you.
membership for Wehr Nature Center
Kali Prouty
is it possible to fax in my membership form? or does it have to be mailed 

We would like to promote the Great Wisconsin Birdathon through the WAEE website and would like to know (a) how many visitors your site receives on average per week and (b) how many members or member organizations there are in WAEE.
Thank you for any information you can provide. 
Barb Barzen
Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin
numbers for WAEE members and web traffic
I would like more information on the upcoming winter conference, however when I go to print the information PDF it is the information from 2013.  Do  you have a brochure or PDF for the upcoming conference?
Thank you!
Winter conference 2014
I have a change of address. I believe my two-year membership is through 5/15/2014, and is under the address 111 West Taylor St., Apt. 11-A, Chesterton, IN 46304, under the title "Education Director, Dunes Learning Center." My new information is:
Amy Workman, Program Director
Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center
Work address: N194 County Rd N
Wisconsin Dells, WI 56965
608-254-6461, ext. 209
Home address:
505 8th Street
Baraboo, WI 53913
Cell phone: 608-434-8717
Please call my work number if you have any questions. Thank you!
Change of address
what are membership dates? Jan through Dec; Sept through Aug; or individualized dates.  I do not recall when my renewal is due. 
renewal dates
Do presenters also have to pay to attend the conference?
Presenters for WAEE winter retreat
I am an educator in Sheboygan, WI who will present a business plan for the Waste Knot Reusable Resource Center to the Sheboygan Area School District.  IF approved, they will function as my fiscal sponsor.  At this time I am FINALLY collecting all Association/Membership data (membership fees, conferences, newsletters and presentations). 
Is your conference always the middle of August?!
I have a $60 Organizational Membership Fee
Would it be possible to share information about the center via your organization?  Programs like Waste Knot locate, collect and distribute donated waste by-products, overruns, rejects and discontinued items from local business and manufacturers to educators, children, parents and community members for creative reuse!  For me (as a teacher) of equal value is training!
Association Information
I am the Executive Director at Camp Whitcomb/Mason and I am interested in becoming an organization member of WAEE. Could you please send me a registration form and membership dues information?  Thanks!
membership is your WAEE website link. However, the link on the EEin Wisconsin website to WAEE is and it creates an error message when I try it.
EEinWisconsin link
Hello, I am writing to inquiry about my membership.  I was looking through paperwork and was unable to determine if my membership is still active.  Can you tell me?  If I am no longer an active member, I would like to sign up again.
Emma Radomski