Property Use

Public Land Use Regulations  Quick Link

These regulations have been established to help preserve the property at Treehaven:

  • Protect native habitats and wildlife.
  • Avoid disturbing education/research projects.
  • Ensure the safety of all visitors.
  • Maintain a high quality experience for program participants.

Because of educational programs or land management operations, all or parts of the Treehaven property may be periodically closed to public use.  Check with the Treehaven office for availability.  Please note that exceptions to these regulations may be permitted for Treehaven research projects or educational programs.

Trail passes are required for all activities on the trails, including hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, and disc golf.  Passes for guests of Treehaven classes and conferences are included in the site use fee.  If you are coming to Treehaven for trail use, passes are available in the parking lot by the two Treehaven Trailhead signs.  Daily passes are $5 and annual passes are $25.  Fees are used for trail maintenance and equipment.


The Treehaven property is closed from sunset to sunrise.  This ensures the safety of visitors and provides a resting period without human disturbance for wildlife.

Treehaven has a Carry In-Carry Out policy. There are no garbage receptacles located on the property.  Please take out everything that you bring in.  If you find litter on the trails, please pack it out with you and dispose of properly.

Pets are not allowed on the property because they disrupt wildlife behavior, negatively impact research studies, damage groomed ski trails, and create a safety issue for other visitors.

Bicycles and motorized vehicles, such as ATVs, mopeds, mountain bikes, and snowmobiles, disturb wildlife, trail users, and educational programs.  These activities are not allowed on Treehaven roads or trails.

Hunting on the property and is not allowed. Firearms, including guns, archery equipment, and slingshots, are prohibited from the property. 

Treehaven is used as an outdoor classroom. Do not damage, cut, pick, or collect any natural materials, including trees, plants, flowers, insects, or mushrooms. Please leave these resources for all visitors to enjoy and study.

No campfires or bonfires are allowed in the property at any time.

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the property at any time.


Teaching and Research on the Treehaven Property  Quick Link

To minimize conflict between users and facilitate long-term collection of data for the site, a Notification and Reporting System has been developed for educational classes and research projects conducted in the property.

Education and Research Notification Procedures

Simply fill out out an Education and Research Use Application Form at least 7 days before the event.  A separate form needs to be on file for Semester 1, Semester 2, and the Summer Session.  We will quickly review your project plans in order to minimize use conflict and coordinate with other programs. We will contact you if more information is needed.  If the project does not conflict with others, we will send you a confirmation via e-mail.

The person listed on the application is responsible for sending a summary of the data collected to Treehaven by the end of the semester.  This information may be placed on our website and shared with other UWSP faculty/staff, students, or the general public.

If you will be placing equipment or flagging on the property, collecting specimens, or if you need to conduct activities normally prohibited by Treehaven regulations (motorized vehicle access, evening/overnight access, etc.):

You will be sent a permit via e-mail with a unique Permit ID Number and statement that will serve to discourage vandalism and theft.  When out on the site, the permit must be with you at all times.  Special permission is only applied to the specific dates, times, and activities listed on your permit. 

Be sure that this Permit ID Number is clearly visible on all equipment (traps, tarps, boxes, etc.) and flagging before placing in the Treehaven Property.  Any equipment or flagging without a Permit ID Number is removed by Treehaven personnel as a function of routine maintenance.  All equipment and flagging must be removed by the end date listed on your permit.