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September 20
Yellow Jackets

Fall is when Yellow Jackets are at their peak. This is not always good for humans, as they have spoiled many a picnic and often are crowded around a hummingbird feeder to the point where you can't get at it to fill. We need to keep in mind that when we feed animals we can't be picky about what animals come to that feed. Sunflower seeds  attract Northern Cardinals but also squirrels. Sugar water attracts hummingbirds, ants, and yellowjackets so we must take down the feeders when animals need them most or learn to live with or how to inhibit yellowjacket feeding. Do the yellowjackets bother the hummingbirds...

                      ... sometimes but hummingbirds are territorial and often kill the wasps.
                              HOW CAN WE USE THIS INFORMATION IN THE CLASSROOM ?
       life cycles, winter preparations, stories about being stung, research, migration, make a trap
                                                       estimate population densities

                                                        Make a soda bottle wasp trap

                                                   genetics with wasp eyes (lesson plan)

                                                     Pre-school lesson bees and wasps


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