Graduate Fellowship in Residential Environmental Education

A northwoods Wisconsin residential learning experience culminating in an extraordinary master's degree in natural resources with a focus in residential outdoor and environmental education.


​Developing leaders, naturally

Through a unique partnership, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point College of Natural Resources (UWSP-CNR), UWSP-Treehaven Campus, and Conserve School provide a distinctive 2-year fellowship. Completion of the fellowship will result in a master of science in natural resources with an emphasis in residential environmental education/interpretation.
Fellows reside at Conserve School or Treehaven in the beautiful northern forests of Wisconsin for all 4 semesters while completing UWSP distance learning and face-to-face courses. At the same time, they gain skills at an environmental school and a residential environmental education center. This seamless integration of academic and work experience results in a graduate degree with meaningful application.
Advisors and instructors for the fellowship have been selected from UWSP faculty, staff, and adjunct professors for their experience, teaching reputation, and expertise.

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Goals of the Fellowship program are to:

  • Foster future generations of environmental leaders
  • Understand different facets of human associations with natural resources
  • Nurture and mentor youth
  • Cultivate environmental literacy in communities
  • Establish personal environmental leadership
  • Encourage and model sustainable values and behaviors