Central Wisconsin Environmental Station

Planning a Trip

Checklist for Teachers/Trip Coordinators

Please use this check-off list as a reminder that every step has been taken prior to your arrival at CWES.

  • I completed a Reservation Form for the 2016-2017 academic year and submitted it to Jordan King.
  • I returned my completed Program Planning Form​ 4 weeks prior to my visit.
  • I returned my menu selection form (schools taking CWES meals only).
  • I returned the dorm/cabin assignment sheet along with the Program Planning Form. (Overnight Groups Only)
  • I wrote an Objective Statement and chose appropriate lessons from the session descriptions that I am interested in receiving and am ready to discuss my schedule with Jordan King, the Program Manager.
  • I made arrangements for busing my group to CWES for our program and have given the bus driver the updated directions.
  • I decided what I would like to do with my students between 4:00pm and 6:30pm, the time that I am responsible for the students while the CWES staff prepares for the evening.
  • I have distributed the trading post price list to my students (optional).
  • I downloaded the pre and post activities from the CWES website and have made plans to infuse them into my curriculum.
  • I sent out a permission letter to all parents along with a medical form to be returned and a packing list so the students know what to bring.
  • I have chosen and contacted chaperones so I have a 1:10 adult:student ratio for the trip.
  • I have been contacted by Jordan King and we have finalized our schedule for the trip.
  • I made name tags for all students and chaperones.
  • I received all of my permission slips and medical forms from parents.
  • I have an adult coming on the trip who is First Aid and CPR trained and certified. (Overnight Groups Only)
  • I gave my school the extensions to the CWES buildings so they can reach me in an emergency.
  • I gave all of the teachers a copy of the “Teacher’s Role” form and prepared them for the experience.
  • I have a map and directions and am ready to get to CWES!
  • I know that CWES will bill the school after the trip, so I do not need to bring along a check.

Important Documents:


Pre and Post Activities:


The following materials are aids to help prepare your students for their visit to the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station. Your student's learning experiences will be enhanced if they are familiar with the concepts of the lessons prior to the on-site visit.  These newactivities provide teachers with student worksheets, web-based scavenger hunts and culminating assignments to help further enhance the field trip experience. The culminating assignments include grading rubrics to allow teachers to alternatively assess field trip learning.  


Winter Ecology Program Pre and Post Activities:


Winter Ecology Pre-Activities


Winter Ecology Post Activities​​