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CLUE Mission

CLUE creates learning opportunities for communities to help them make sound land use decisions that result in a sustainable Wisconsin.


Individuals and communities make well-informed land use decisions with confidence. Their decisions are legally, ethically, ecologically, and economically sound.


  • We believe that public involvement is fundamental for making sound land use decisions.
  • We believe that natural resources are the foundation of land use decision-making.
  • We will consider equity issues as we make decisions.
  • We will base our decisions on our mission.
  • We will stand behind our mission and beliefs regardless of our sources of funding or in-kind services. 
  • Any sources of funding or in-kind services will accept and understand our mission and beliefs.
  • We believe that a sustainable society is one that can maintain an adequate or better level of economic activity indefinitely, without undermining either the ecological or social systems upon which the society is dependent, and whose political system retains the full confidence of the citizenry.

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Annual Reports

2014-2015 Annual Report Final.pdf


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2013-2014 Annual Report


The Center for Land Use Education was established in July 2000. It is a joint venture of the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point and Cooperative Extension in collaboration with UW System institutions. It is a focal point for land use planning and management education.

The Center was established in response to advice of College advisors and the effects of increasing population and patterns of development at odds with sound land and resource management principles. Because the quantity and quality of our natural resources are largely determined by the impacts of human activities on the landscape, the Center was seen as a way to provide administrative focus and programming coordination for land use education.