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​Long-term Change


Redesign Your Street by Streets Education through the Livable Streets Initiative. Grades 6-8. http://streetseducation.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/lse_ms_redesign-your-street_sample-lesson.pdf. This street design study introduces students to new, innovative concepts in street design and urban planning. Students are challenged to redesign the block around their school. Sample lesson is an introductory neighborhood assessment.

Ride, Roll and Stroll by GreenLearning. Grades 4-7. http://www.greenlearning.ca/eneraction/teacher-materials. Students dream up creative ways to get to school, dance lessons, hockey practice or a friend’s place. After analyzing the pros and cons of their wild rides, students consider the more usual modes of transportation available to them and assess the environmental impacts of each. Empowered with new knowledge, students revise their initial designs and embellish them with selling points so that they can attract others to their mode of transportation via video, poster or audio advertisement.

Travel Solutions to Global Warming by the Northeastern Sustainable Energy Association. Grades 5-7. http://www.nesea.org/uploads/textWidget/890.00010/documents/Travel_Solutions.pdf. Teacher demonstrates a burning candle experiment with students posing hypotheses, to review the relationship of the carbon cycle, fossil fuels, and the atmospheric CO2 level. Students then graph the relative populations and production of CO2 by different countries and discuss the results. Students follow up by using a personal trip log to discover simple but powerful solutions.