Sustainable Solutions

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​Public Transportation System

Well-designed public transportation systems can reduce our reliance on single-passenger vehicles and promote social capital and community identity and involvement.

  • In most of America, towns and cities are designed around convenience to cars as a mode of transportation.

  • Increased use of public transportation results in fewer cars on the road and has the potential to greatly decrease emissions.
    • Public transportation systems designed using sustainable technologies can even further reduce negative environmental impacts.

  • Improving the attractiveness of public transportation systems can improve the sustainability of transportation, especially in the winter months when walking and biking are less feasible.
    • Currently, punctuality, frequency, and practicality of routes are major issues.

  • Improved public transportation systems would allow for more equality within communities by providing transportation to older adults, minority groups, and low-income individuals.

  • Access to public transit can expand job opportunities, increase worker satisfaction and productivity by lessening commute times, and cushion the effect of high gasoline costs on working families.