Impacts of Climate Change Resources

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Cyclical and Natural Changes
Human-Caused Changes
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Atmospheric Circulation
Atmospheric Composition
Carbon Cycle
Climate Compared to Weather
Climate Feedbacks
Global Energy Balance
Greenhouse Effect
Ocean and Climate
Orbital Cycles
Regional Climates
Solar Radiation
Water Cycle
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Personal Responsibility
Risk Management
Social Values
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Agricultural Changes
Economic Impacts
Ecosystem Changes
Extreme Weather
Freshwater Resources
Great Lakes Impacts
Melting Ice and Permafrost
Ocean Warming and Acidification
Plants and Animals
Public Health
Sea Level Rise
Surface Temperature Warming
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Climate Modeling
Gathering and Measuring Climate Data

Extreme Weather


Are You Getting Thirsty? NOAA.Grades 9-12. Lesson that helps students answer the question, “What causes droughts, and how do they affect coastal ecosystems and human communities?”


60 Minutes: Global Warming by CBS Broadcasting, Inc. (2006). Grades 9-12. This short 60 Minutes segment summarizes the evidence in the Arctic supporting that global warming is real. This evidence includes melting ice caps, the intensity of storms, and the extinction of polar bears.


Changing Weather. Vital Climate Change Graphics by UNEP/GRID-Arendal, Arendal, Norway. This section discusses the potential effects of climate change on weather patterns.

General Web Resources

With Climate Change Comes Floods. NPR. Short NPR article describing how climate change can lead to flooding and other extreme weather events.

NOAA Extreme Weather and Climate Events. NOAA Satellite and Information Service. Offers links to maps, data, and interactive resources related to extreme weather events.

Climate Prediction Center. National Weather Service. The Climate Prediction Center produces educational materials to help students better understand the role of the climate system in our lives through the use of climate forecasts. A Warming World by NASA. Interactive temperature records show how the surface temperature of our planet has been increasing since 1880.

Extreme Wet. Union of Concerned Scientists Global Warming Hot Map. Discusses how a warmer climate spurs the evaporation of water from land and sea and allows the atmosphere to hold more moisture—thus setting the stage for more extreme precipitation.

Extreme Dry. Union of Concerned Scientists Global Warming Hot Map. Discusses how while some regions are likely to get wetter as the world warms, other regions that are already on the dry side are likely to get drier.

Human Health by United States Global Change Research Program. This web site is a well-organized resource for information on the many facets of climate change. Users can examine climate change impacts by region (including the Great Lakes), sector (such as ecosystems and society), and agency (how the United States federal agencies are related to climate change issues).

EPA Climate Change Kids’ Site. The Environmental Protection Agency’s Kids’ Site provides information on climate change and climate change impacts for children. The site also includes educator resources (see bottom of the page), including tips for teaching climate change.