Impacts of Climate Change Resources

collapse Topic : Causes of Climate Change ‎(2)
Cyclical and Natural Changes
Human-Caused Changes
collapse Topic : Climate System ‎(12)
Atmospheric Circulation
Atmospheric Composition
Carbon Cycle
Climate Compared to Weather
Climate Feedbacks
Global Energy Balance
Greenhouse Effect
Ocean and Climate
Orbital Cycles
Regional Climates
Solar Radiation
Water Cycle
collapse Topic : Human Responses to Climate Change ‎(3)
Personal Responsibility
Risk Management
Social Values
collapse Topic : Impacts of Climate Change ‎(13)
Agricultural Changes
Economic Impacts
Ecosystem Changes
Extreme Weather
Freshwater Resources
Great Lakes Impacts
Melting Ice and Permafrost
Ocean Warming and Acidification
Plants and Animals
Public Health
Sea Level Rise
Surface Temperature Warming
collapse Topic : Measuring and Modeling Climate ‎(2)
Climate Modeling
Gathering and Measuring Climate Data

Economic Impacts


Reading 4: Climate Justice. Climate Change: Connections and Solutions, Grades 6-12. Impacts of climate change on human health and migration.
Climate Change and People. Your Climate, Your Future by World Wildlife Federation. Grades 9-12. Read and discuss real news articles on the social impacts of climate change, and how impacts on the economy and habitat will affect people. In groups, students determine the top-five risks for humans and present to the class.

General Web Resources

Climate Action by Sustainable Development International. Sustainable Development International, London. (2007). A collection of essays dealing with climate change as it applies to development, agriculture, transportation, and business. It also includes a section with tips for how an organization can reduce its carbon footprint.

National Wildlife Federation’s Global Warming Site. NWF’s global warming page contains up-to-date information on global warming’s effects on wildlife, conservation, and how both policies and personal decisions can help.

Society by United States Global Change Research Program. This web site is a well-organized resource for information on the many facets of climate change. Users can examine climate change impacts by region (including the Great Lakes), sector (such as ecosystems and society), and agency (how the United States federal agencies are related to climate change issues).