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Cyclical and Natural Changes
Human-Caused Changes
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Atmospheric Circulation
Atmospheric Composition
Carbon Cycle
Climate Compared to Weather
Climate Feedbacks
Global Energy Balance
Greenhouse Effect
Ocean and Climate
Orbital Cycles
Regional Climates
Solar Radiation
Water Cycle
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Personal Responsibility
Risk Management
Social Values
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Agricultural Changes
Economic Impacts
Ecosystem Changes
Extreme Weather
Freshwater Resources
Great Lakes Impacts
Melting Ice and Permafrost
Ocean Warming and Acidification
Plants and Animals
Public Health
Sea Level Rise
Surface Temperature Warming
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Climate Modeling
Gathering and Measuring Climate Data

Water Cycle


The Water Cycle – A Climate Change Perspective. Windows to the Universe. Grades 9-12. This web page provides an in-depth explanation of the water cycle as it relates to climate change. Images, diagrams, and a video assist in concept understanding. Also includes tables displaying reservoir sizes and fractions/percentages, flows between reservoirs, and residence times.

Climate Change and the Water Cycle. CLUE Into Climate. KQED Education Network. Grades 4-8. Climate change and human activities are affecting the way fresh water is distributed on Earth. In this lesson, students examine the effects of climate change on the water cycle and what this might mean for our planet. Students should have a general knowledge of the water cycle before beginning this lesson.

The Water Cycle. UCAR Grades 6-9. In this activity, students will build a model to simulate parts of the water cycle. They will be able to recognize and explain the essential elements of the water cycle.