CIS Major

The CIS curriculum consists of several core course, which cover the main areas of computing, as well as focus areas, which students can choose depending on their preferences. At the core, the CIS curriculum introduces students to concepts in programming, algorithms, databases, Web applications and services, as well as how to incorporate these into today's networked world by designing and implementing production level computer-based systems.

The CIS Major consists of at least 56 Credits:

Core Requirements: CIS 110 or WDMD 110 and 111, CIS 120, 210, 220, 225, 310, 341, Math 209, and CNMT 210, 410 and 480.
Currently we offer two focus areas to choose from: Application Development and Network and Information Assurance.
For Application Development complete three courses from the following list: CIS 340, 342, 345, 346 and 444.
For Network and Information Assurance complete three courses from the following list: CIS 347, 361, 460, and 464
For course decriptions please visit our course catalog under CIS or CNMT

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