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Student Frequently Asked Questions

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Text Rental

How much money do I save with Text Rental?

The average cost of a rental textbook is $134.24 (retail Spring 2013). A typical UWSP student pays a maximum of $85.20/semester (Fall 2013) to rent approximately $500+ worth of textbooks. In comparison, according to the National Association of College Stores 'Student Watch 2013,' students reported spending an average of $662 on required course materials in the last 12 months. [Return to top of page]

What is the current Text Rental rate?

A typical UWSP student pays a per-credit rental fee of $7.10/credit up to a maximum of $85.20 per 12+ credit semester (Fall 2013) to rent approximately $500+ worth of textbooks. The fee is automatically included as part of your segregated fees on your tuition bill. [Return to top of page]

How do I get my Textbooks?

Students should print their booklist, a listing of courses and rental textbooks needed for each class here. The booklist is used to help locate rental books in Text Rental, which are arranged alphabetically by course. A PointCard is required to rent your books.[Return to top of page]

When can I start picking up my Text Rental books?

Pickup for fall and spring typically starts the Wednesday before the first day of classes. [Return to top of page]

Is it necessary to have my PointCard to check out and return Text Rental Books?

YES! Your PointCard I.D. is required for all Text Rental processing. [Return to top of page]

When do I have to return my rental books?

All rental texts should be returned by the LAST day of finals for the semester in which they were rented. If enrolled in a 4 or 8 week course, return books by the last day of class - the next session needs them. [Return to top of page]

What if I forget to return my Text Rental books at the end of the semester?

After the due date, there is a grace period of three business days in which you may return all of your rentals by paying a $3.00 late fee. If rental books are not returned, your student account is billed for the full retail price of the book(s), plus tax and assessed a $3.00 processing fee. (You then own the books.) [Return to top of page]

What if I drop a class?

Return the book immediately. Students adding the class may need to use the book. [Return to top of page]

What if I lose my textbook?

Report lost rental books to the Text Rental desk. Each book is uniquely numbered, allowing us to check it back in to the student that rented it if the lost book is found and returned. If the book is not returned by the last day of your finals you will be billed for it, plus tax and assessed a $3.00 processing fee. [Return to top of page]

May I purchase a rental book?

Yes, a student may purchase any rental book they are using for a course at a used price (25% less than full retail price). [Return to top of page]

May I check out additional books?

After the third week of classes, Text Rental becomes a library, and any student may check out any books in the Text Rental inventory. More titles may be availabe in back, so check with staff for more information. [Return to top of page]

When do surplus book sales begin?

Surplus book sales usually begin the 4th week of each semester with prices between $1.00 - $5.00 per book. Also look for the 'All-You-Can-Carry' for $10.00 special near the end of the semester. [Return to top of page]

Do graduate students pay rental fees?

Graduate students in slash courses pay rental fees with their tuition and are, therefore, eligible to use Text Rental. [Return to top of page]

May I highlight in the textbooks?

Please be considerate of future users. Highlight and mark in rental books sparingly. [Return to top of page]

Who can I contact with questions about Text Rental?

Dale Dickson
Text Rental Buyer
Text Rental

Katy Horn
Assistant Manager
Text Rental
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Supplemental Purchase Books

What is the pricing policy for Supplemental Purchase Books?

The University Store posts supplemental (purchased) course books online here. Courses will be listed for each semester by the following dates: April 1 (summer and fall) and November 1 (winterim and spring). Book orders received from faculty or department staff after those dates will be listed as soon as possible. The price of the books will be included in the online listing so that students have an idea of how much the books will cost for each course at the time of their enrollment. The University Store will list the current publisher’s list price at the time of their posting for new books. However, the price of the books is subject to change since the online listing will be made weeks (sometimes months) in advance of the actual book purchases. While the change in price is often minor, the University Store recognizes that students would like to know the price as soon as possible. Therefore, we will establish a firm price for the books prior to the beginning of each semester. The final price for the semester will be listed by the following dates: May 15 (summer), August 15 (fall), December 15 (winterim), and January 15 (spring). No further changes to pricing will be made after that date without due need. In the rare case that a price changes after that date, the students will be informed of the reasoning. [Return to top of page]

Will I be able to buy used course books?

The University Store will make every effort to secure used textbooks when they are available through our distributors. In addition, the University Store will purchase used books from students during Buy Back. Used books will be sold at 25 percent off the new book list price. [Return to top of page]

How does "Book Buy Back" work?

The University Store may contract with a reputable used book wholesaler to conduct Buy Back. This service is provided in order to give students on-campus opportunities to sell books they no longer want. The University Store will pay students up to 50 percent of the current list price for textbooks that are (1) requested by a professor for a future semester at the time of buy back, (2) not already in sufficient stock, and (3) in re-sellable condition. In addition, the wholesaler with whom the University Store contract to conduct Buy Back may offer to purchase textbooks from students that the University Store is not buying back. The price that wholesalers pay students will vary in accordance to market demand. The University Store is not responsible for setting these prices and merely offers this service to students in the event that we are not buying the textbook back or have exceeded the number of copies of the textbook that we need. As always, students have the choice whether or not to sell their textbooks to the University Store or the wholesaler through this service. [Return to top of page]

What is the pricing policy for General Books?

The pricing of general (non-course) books will be no higher than the list price provided by the publisher. If you have a suggestion for a general book that you think the University Store should carry, please email it to Dale Dickson at or Katy Hale at [Return to top of page]