University Information and Tickets

Information Center Services


 Campus Mail

University Information & Tickets is an outlet for campus mail pick-up as well as a receiving point for the incoming mail for the Dreyfus University Center. First class mail can be dropped off at our office, but must have proper postage or account number.

 Change Funds/Ushers


Change funds are provided by the UC Cashier for use by student organizations and departments. These funds are available for pick up from University Information & Tickets before an event and must be turned back in to the night deposit box after an event to be deposited into their State or SFO Account. Change Funds MUST BE REQUESTED by the Organization 3 business days prior to the event date. The University Center will pay for the cost of up to two Ushers per event. If additional Ushers need to be requested, the cost is $8.00 per hour per Usher. Campus Activities and Recreation has the right to require additional Ushers for safety purposes. Ushers must be requested when charging admission for an event. Therefore if a change fund is requested for an event, Ushers must also be requested. Organizations may not bring in their own money as change for paying customers. If organizations do not have a change fund and Ushers, they may not charge for the event. However, Organizations that are putting on sales (i.e. bake sales, brat sales, holiday sales, etc.) do not need Ushers present for the sale. In these circumstances, only a change fund is needed. Organizations may not bring in their own money for sales.

Change fund/usher requests can be made using the online form in the navigation to your left.


 Credit Card Payment

University Information & Tickets can accept cash, PointCASH, VISA, MasterCard, or Discover for purchases on stamps, and ticket sales. Service fees may apply.



Departments/Organizations may come to University Information & Tickets to make deposits. They are required to have the money they want deposited counted ahead of time. The organization/department is to fill out the form completely (Dept./Org., Acct. #, Source of funds, Deposited in form of, Prepared by, Phone #, and Date). Make sure all checks are signed and have the account number written on the back. Checks to be deposited into SFO accounts must be made out to that organization. Checks to be deposited into State accounts must be made out to UWSP. IF CHECKS ARE NOT MADE OUT TO THE PROPER PARTY THEY CANNOT BE DEPOSITED. If checks have both the SFO and UWSP parties on it, it can be accepted for either account. Put the dollar totals in the appropriate categories. University Information & Tickets cannot supply a student organization with its account number.

Non-Taxable Receipt Items

Dues, donations, raffle tickets, and reimbursements

Taxable Receipt Items

Everything else! - T-shirt sales, bake sales, the selling of anything (fundraisers) - if they earn money on a sale, they sold something; it is taxable


 Lost and Found


University Information & Tickets is the drop off point for most Lost and Found on campus.  

*Note: All mugs, cups, water bottles, make-up, sanitary products, hair accessories, etc. are unsanitary and are thrown away.



University Information & Tickets sells normal (first class) stamps.

 Trip Signups


Students may sign up for trips and events at University Information & Tickets. All trips that have a registration fee must have payment made upon sign-up; we will not hold spots for people who have not made their payments.

Starting a Trip

Trip sign ups can be put on through University Information & Tickets. To start a sign up for a trip or event please follow these steps:

  1. Event/Trip Signup requests can be made using the online form in the navigation to your left.
  2. Fill out this form completely. Make sure to note:
    • Name of the sponsoring organization
    • Type of trip/event
    • Date and time the trip/event is taking place
    • Location of the trip/event
    • Total cost and deposit needed
    • Minimum and maximum amount of participants
    • Account number
    • Contact person and phone number
  3. Put any other comments in the "Trip/Event Itinerary box." Make sure to specify if a Hold Harmless form is needed, if reminder cards/informational sheets are to be given out, etc.
  4. The staff will take the necessary steps to set up the trip/event.

***Forms must be submitted at least 1 week before the beginning of the sign-ups.***

Sign-ups take time to organize. Therefore to ensure that the sign-up starts on the day of your choice, turn in forms at least 1 week in advance. If forms are turned in after this time, the beginning of the sign-up will depend on the availability of the University Information & Tickets staff.


 Vending Refunds

University Information & Tickets can refund most machines on campus if the request is made within 24 hours of the shortage. However, if the shortage is more than change or a dollar (i.e. for a $5 or a $10, etc. we will take the customer name and number and we will have to call the vendor for verification before giving the refund.) If you lose money in a vending machine or the wrong product vends, please record the machine number, location, and product in order to receive a refund at University Information & Tickets.