​Inspiration Grants
Inspiration Grants are available for recognized UW Stevens Point student organizations to promote service-oriented programs and social justice concepts. Grant funds are provided as a component of the campus vending contract with Canteen, Inc. Each year, Canteen, Inc. generously provides $5,000 to student organizations who seek to increase the involvement of UW Stevens Point students in service and social justice issues.
Applications need to be submitted by the second Tuesday of each month to be given consideration. Awards will be made by the third Tuesday of each month.  Plan for a minimum of two weeks to receive awards once approved.
Please direct additional questions to Amanda Thielen in the Student Involvement & Employment Office, 715-346-2174.


The University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point does not endorse events funded through the Inspiration Grant fund

Applicants and co-sponsors are responsible for event planning.

An Inspiration Grant proposal is a written contract between the student org and UWSP; as such, if an organization does not adhere to the policy guidelines, this will be deemed a breach of contract. If misconduct is found prior to the event, funding for the event will cease and the organization will be referred to the Student Organization Conduct Board.  If funds are dispersed and then misconduct is identified, the student organization will be referred to the Student Organization Conduct Board for review.


​Campus Goals


Goal: Create a culture of student success

  • Promote students’ development of personal and professional integrity, and social and civic responsibility

Goal: Increase opportunites for learning

  • Expand oppourtunites for faculty/staff/student interaction
  • Provide a range of high-impact and experimental learning opportunites

Goal: Cultivate an inclusive and ecologically-responsible world view among all constituents

  • Expand opportunites for service learning
  • Fund a range of programs that bring in noted speakers and artists from a borad spectrum of viewpoints

Goal: Create and enhace an environment for all that is conductive to learning and individual development

  • Create a vibrant campus environment that is welcoming, safe, accessible, and supportive
  • Provide programs and activities that encourage responsible lifestyle choices and wellness

Goal: Provide a campus culture that encourages engagement, responsibility, respect and inclusivity

  • Educate students, faculty and staff of their rights and responsiblites in the university community and beyond

Goal: Develop sustainable relationships between the university and its partners- local, state, regional, national, and global

  • Expand programs that encourage students, faculty, and staff to engage with individuals, programs, and organizations outside the university through experiental learning, consultation, and volunteer efforts

Goal: Engage and expand our community through outreach and collaboration

  • Connect our alumni with the university and each other
  • Increase educational and recreational opportunites in the community
Goal: Honor and perpetuate our insitutional story
  • Educate and inspire students through educational opportunites and life-changing experiences in and beyond the classroom
  • Promote environmental, intellectual, social, and economic sustainability
  • Integrate holistic wellness into our campus culture