​Creating Good Members

​​Ways to create good members without hazing:
  1. Participate in a ropes course.

  2. Teambuilding activities (can be facilitated by SIEO or campus professional- there are hundreds of these activities that you can use).

  3. Participate in and/or plan a community service project.

  4. Host a new member surprise party hosted by members.

  5. Have a resume writing workshop presented by the Career Services Office.

  6. Invite a faculty advisor to lunch with new members.

  7. Host a study skills workshop presented by the TLC.

  8. Arts and Crafts for a Cause.

  9. Dinner and a Movie.

  10. Shadow an officer and assist in the planning of a program/event.

  11. Plan a fundraiser to pay for initiation fees.

  12. Plan and present a speaker on a health/wellness topic.

  13. Require active membership in at least one organization outside the group.

  14. Host a Family Weekend event.

  15. Have new members take the Meyers-Briggs Personality Type Inventor and discuss.

  16. Ask a faculty member discuss ethical decision making.

  17. Ask a campus health educator to do a presentation on eating disorders or depression.

  18. Discuss risk management and liability with the university risk manager.

  19. Brainstorm ways to improve scholarship (other than study hours).

  20. Attend theatrical production or athletic even of a new member choosing.

  21. Ask the library to give a lecture on effective research methods.
  22. Attend a program - even a program another organization is sponsoring.

  23. Have a discussion about membership standards and expectations.

  24. Have a organization goal-setting retreat.

  25. Attend a campus leadership conference or workshop.

  26. Deconstruct past hazing activities to determine intent and brainstorm alternatives.

  27. Develop a faculty advisor appreciation gesture.

  28. Develop an event with another organization that requires new members to ask the Student Government Association for additional allocations or to apply for a campus grant.

  29. Give highest new member GPA recipient a plaque or $25 gift certificate to nice restaurant.

  30. Allow new members time for themselves to do and be what they want. Don’t monopolize their time.

  31. Invite a campus fitness specialist or dietician to discuss dietary fads-pros and cons.

  32. Attend the Etiquette Dinner together.

  33. Have lunch together once a week in a dining hall with the entire organization.

  34. Invite your faculty advisor to new member meetings.

  35. Attend an athletic event together.