University Vehicle Usage

Use of Fleet Vehicles is a privilege, not a right. The University allows student organizations to use University vehicles under the following conditions:

  • Fleet vehicles must be used for official University business and must be charged to a student government state funded account. Fleet vehicles cannot be charged to SFO accounts. A Student Organization Vehicle Request Form must be filled out and turned in to the Student Government Association Office for approval before the trip.

  • All drivers must be certified. (All student drivers must have signed Vehicle Use Agreement Forms filed with the Transportation Office at least two working days prior to the scheduled departure and be familiar with the State of Wisconsin Fleet Policies and Procedures Manual).

  • University vehicles are never to be used for personal reasons. They are to be checked out just before they are needed and returned immediately when they are no longer needed. They are to be driven to and from the designated destination only.

  • The use of alcohol/drugs is strictly prohibited.

Please use your common sense when using a state vehicle. Your behavior reflects on the University, your organization, and students in general. Failure to comply with these rules may result in loss of privileges and/or review of your recognition status. Passengers and drivers are reminded of the law requiring seat belt use.

Common sense must prevail when planning trips to avoid driver fatigue. When private vehicles are used during organization trips, owners and/or drivers should make sure they are properly insured since their insurance carrier is primary in instances of accidents. Similarly, when other modes of transportation are used (charter buses or other private rentals), make sure there is a clear understanding of who bears liability. You are expected to live by the same rules, policies, and behaviors when you use private vehicles as you do when you use fleet transportation.

If you have any questions pertaining to risk management, liability, and insurability, please contact the Campus Risk Manager at (715)346-3901. For further information view the following web site: