Student Organization Travel Requirements

When an organization travels, it needs to meet several requirements:

  • In addition, organizations are required to submit the following information two business days before the trip is scheduled to take place to the Student Involvement & Employment Office:

    • A list of people (and their cell phone numbers) on the trip

    • Itinerary of trip is to include all scheduled events and overnight locations (city)

    • Provide emergency phone numbers for people on the trip and also obtain information on how to reach people at the University during the trip (i.e. Transportation, advisor, SIEO staff) in case of emergency.

    • Hold harmless forms for all participants on the trip.

For specified trips:

  • Requires the review of the Student Involvement & Employment Office (SIEO) to demonstrate its relevance and ensure that purchasing requirements (contracts) have been met. Purchasing requirements must be in place 12 weeks prior to the start of the trip.

  • Requires the review of the campus Risk Management Office for trips that are perceived as needing further consideration and to determine if additional insurance coverage is needed.

  • Wilderness trip leader training or experience for the leader of a trip into the wild.

  • Inspection records of equipment when needed for a trip (i.e. rock climbing, backpacking, etc.).

  • Provide proof of certification of a person on the trip for CPR, First Aid and 15-passenger van driving. Please refer to the Travel handout provided by the Student Involvement & Employment Office for additional information about travel.