​Table Tent Request

Table Tent Policy

  • Each table tent will have three sides and will fold like a triangle. Each tent shall contain the name of the sponsoring organization, the event and pertinent information regarding the event. Stamps of approval will not be necessary since the tents shall conform to the prearranged format for UC Table Tents.

  • Any recognized student organization or University department can reserve one of the three panels on the six weekly table tents to advertise or promote events/programs directly related to the organization.

  • Reservations must be made with the Student Involvement & Employment Office, Lower Level of the University Center.

  • Reservations must be completed at least two weeks prior to the requested time for the table tents to be setup.

  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. It is recommended that the ad is provided at the time the reservation is made.

  • Table tents will be on display for a five (5) day period (Monday-Friday).

  • An organization is limited to only one panel reservation per week.

  • Table tent placement will be limited to dining tables in the Food Service areas of the University Center (161) and the DeBot Center (160). The Student Involvement & Employment Office will distribute table tents on Monday. (UC Building Managers during the week shall ensure there are not violations of the policy.) UC Dining Services shall remove all table tents on Friday afternoons.

  • If table tents are damaged or stolen, they may be thrown out and will not be replenished.

  • Table tent advertising may not promote the use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

  • If an organization violates this policy, privileges may be revoked for a period of six months. A written appeal of this sanction may be made to the University Center Advisory and Policy Board (UCAPB) within one month of the decision.