​Website Suggestions

  1. Supply an online, up-to-date list of organization officers.

  2. List office location and hours.

  3. List the organization's purpose statement

  4. Let students know when and where the student organization meets and how to get involved in the organization.

  5. Provide information on timeliness (for example: January 2002; updated weekly; updated monthly, etc.).

  6. Provide a section indicating "What's New."

  7. Provide a caution statement if link will lead to large pages or images.

  8. Indicate restricted access where appropriate.

  9. Avoid browser-specific terminology (for example, "pull down the View menu and select Source").

  10. Provide link text that is clear without the link (for example, on a paper copy of your Web page, the phrase "click here" doesn't make sense).

  11. Maintain visual consistency across related pages. You could also include a small graphic that identifies all of the pages of a web site.

  12. Provide a copyright statement (if and when appropriate).

  13. Keep home pages short and simple.

  14. Avoid using large graphics or too many graphics on a single page.

  15. Provide navigational aids useful to your users (Link to Home, Table of Contents, Next Page, etc.).

  16. Maintain links to mentioned pages.

  17. Make your Web pages easy to maintain for yourself and anyone who might maintain them in the future.

  18. Avoid active links to pages that are in development. Place test or draft pages in your "test," "temp," or "old" subdirectory. Remember that nothing is private on the Internet: unlinked pages in your directory may be visible.

  19. Check your finished page with a variety of browsers, monitors, and from both network and modem access points. It is also recommended that you check your page with a Web validation service.

  20. Think of your users--test with primary user groups (which will be a mix of users linking through our high-speed network, and users linking via much slower modems).

  21. Conform to accepted, standard HTML codes. (see http://www.w3.org/MarkUp)
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