​How To Start a New Student Organization

​If you would like to start a new organization, please follow these steps:
  1. Pick up a new organization packet from SIEO and speak to Barb Grunwaldt, Program Assistant. Click here for the pdf.

  2. Look for an advisor.

  3. Make sure to have at least 5 people interesting in your group.

  4. It is mandatory to have a president, treasurer, and advisor. The president and treasurer, and other executive officers, must have a least a 2.0 GPA

  5. After the packet is completed, return it to Barb Grunwaldt.

  6. Barb Grunwaldt will email you when paperwork has been reviewed. If changes need to be made, or if your packet is incomplete, you will again speak with Barb.

  7. After you speak with Barb, you will make an appointment, via email, with Rebecca Rogge, Assistant Director, for a recognition meeting.

  8. When finished, SIEO will email you to tell you the name of the SGA Speaker of the Senate. The Speaker will tell you the date of their next available meeting. You and another officer will attend the meeting and answer a few questions. Afterwards, the senators will vote and accept or reject your request to become an official organization. SGA will be your final step.

  9. If SGA votes...
    YES: you will be a recognized organization.
    NO: you will not be considered a recognized student organization.