​Employment for Prospective 

or New Students

Should I work? Should I wait? 

These are questions many incoming students ask themselves. Balancing the new responsibilities of college can be challenging! Many UWSP students choose to work while attending college (over 2,000 work on campus). National studies indicate that students who work on campus, fewer than 20 hours a week, do just as well (if not better) as their non-working counterparts. Also, students who are “connected” to campus report a higher satisfaction with their college life, have better grades, and graduate in higher numbers and more quickly.

What are the benefits of working on campus?

  • Connection to full-time staff people interested in your success as a student
  • Ability to develop professional relationships that can lead to letters of support/recommendations
  • A great way to meet other students you would not normally meet
  • On-campus employers tend to be more flexible with work hours
  • Great way to gain experience in a variety of areas
  • Money (of course!)

You may be encouraged to “take a semester off” to figure out how to navigate campus life by those around you. Working on campus can help you make that transition much more quickly as you will most likely be surrounded by students and staff to help you.

QUEST, our job search database, is built specifically for UWSP students. After you have registered for classes you have access to see both on and off campus positions (we recommend first year students limit their work experience to on campus positions) and if you have Work Study, you will see those jobs as well. This is an excellent tool that allows you to indicate the types of jobs you are interested in and we will email you notifications when those types of jobs are posted.

Visit the Student Involvement and Employment Office during your campus visit or during Orientation. We are happy to talk with you about the services we provide and will show you how to find a job!