The mission of WisCareers is to facilitate lifelong career development, a meaningful work/life, and a sound economic future for all Wisconsin residents.

WISCareers features include:

700+ Occupations: You will find occupations to match your interests, skills, values, or budget from a database of over 700 occupations. You will also find salary information, employment outlook, and education path for the occupations you find most interesting/suitable.
Graduate Schools and 4000+ Post-secondary Schools: You may conduct a college/vocational training school search to match your interests and needs from a database of educational institutions nationwide. School information is directly linked to college home pages, campus maps, and online college applications!
Budget Program: You can build a budget based on your individual needs and financial resources. In addition, WISCareers includes several resources to help you apply for financial aid.
Job Seeking Tools: Tools are available to help you create a resume and career portfolio as well as access information about Wisconsin employers and their current job listings.
Use on any Internet-ready Computer: With personal passwords and the ability to save information, you can return to your information at anytime in the future to review and compare your findings.
* To be eligible to use the WISCareers site, you must be a present student or an alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Students entering the WISCareers site for the first time from a campus domain computer may login in without a password. Students entering the WISCareers site for the first time from computers not connected to the campus domain must obtain a student group login user name by contacting the Career Services Office or sending an email to

The WISCareers site can be accessed through the following steps:

Click on New User-Activate My Account
Computers on campus and connected to the campus domain will not need a code to register. Computers not connected to the campus domain will need a code which is available through the UWSP Career Services Office.
Enter the following:
  • Username (we recommend you use your usual Login, or your first intial of your first name and last name)
  • Password (easily remembered)
  • Retype password
  • First Name
  • Last Name
Click on Submit

Click on UWSP Student (General), unless another group describes you better

Click on Submit

With each subsequent visit, you will go to "Login to My Account" and enter your Username and Password.

* To assure legal compliance, do not share the registration code with anyone outside UWSP.