UWSP Internship Information

This information is compiled by the Career Services Office and updated annually from the current UWSP Catalog and contacts with individual academic departments. In addition to these programs, there are numerous others for which practicum or field work/experience is an integral component of the student's preparation.

You will find coursework descriptions for each academic program at this link: http://www.uwsp.edu/AcadAff/Pages/resources/CatalogBookmarks.aspx.


 American Studies


Department website: n/a (interdisciplinary major)

Course #: American Studies 397 (Internship in American Studies)
Contact: Todd Good, Coordinator; tgood@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-295-8900


 Art & Design


Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/art-design/

Course #: ART 417 (Internship in International Programs)
Contact: Mr. Rob Stolzer; rstolzer@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2669

Course #: Art 418 (Gallery Internship)
Contact: Ms. Caren Heft; cheft@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4797

Course #: Art 419 (Design Internship)
Contact: Mr. Mark Pohlkamp; mpohlkam@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2654

Course #: Art 420 (Studio Art Internship)
Contact: Mr. Rob Stolzer; rstolzer@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2669


 Arts Management


Internship website: http://www.uwsp.edu/comm/Pages/artmInternship.aspx

Course #: Arts Management 280/380 (Arts Management Internship
Arts Management 480 (Capstone: Externship in Arts Management)
Arts Management 485 (Capstone: Externship in Arts Management-London)
Contact: Dr. Jim Haney; jhaney@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4381




Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/biology/

Course #: Biology 499 (Internship in Ethnobotony)
Contact: Dr. Chris Yahnke; cyahnke@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2159




Internship website: http://www.uwsp.edu/busecon/Pages/Resources/learninternship.aspx

Course #: Accounting 497 (Internship in Accounting)
Business/Economics 493 (Internship in China)
Business 496/497 (Internship in Business Admin)
Economics 497 (Internship in Economics)
Accounting/Business/Economics 498 (International Internships)
Contact: Ms. Barbara Mihm; bmihm@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-3775




Internship website: http://www.uwsp.edu/comm/Pages/internship.aspx

Course #: Communication 480 (Communication Internship)
Communication 485 (Externship in Communication-foreign placement)
Contact: Dr. Jim Haney; jhaney@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4381


 Computer Information Systems


Program website: http://www.uwsp.edu/cnmt/Pages/cis-major.aspx

Course #: Computer Information Systems 397 (Internship in Computing)
Contact: Dr. Robert Dollinger, rdolling@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4310




Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/education/

Course #: Education 498 (Intern Teaching)
Contact: Ms. Patricia Marinac; pmarinac@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2440




Writing internship website: http://www.uwsp.edu/english/pages/studentResources/internship.aspx

Course #: English 498 (Writing Internship)
Contact: Dr. Mark Balhorn; mbalhorn@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4335




Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/

Course #: Geography 480 (Internship in Geography)
Geology 480 (Internship in Geology)
Geography 485 (Practicum in Geography)
Geology 485 (Practicum in Geology)
Contacts: Dr. Keith Rice; krice@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4454
Dr. Neil Heywood; nheywood@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4452


 Health Information Management & Technology


Program website: http://www.himt.wisconsin.edu/

Course #: Health Information Management & Technology 490 (Capstone Project/Internship)
Contact: Dr. Daniel McCarty; dmccarty@uwsp.edu; Phone: 715-346-5177


 Health Promotion/Wellness


Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/hphd/

Course #: Health Promotion/Wellness 450 (Internship in Health Promotion/Wellness)
Contact: Dr. Tom Wetter; twetter@uwsp.edu; Phone: 715-346-3659




Internship website: http://www.uwsp.edu/history/pages/students/internships.aspx

Course #: History 480 (Museum Internship)
Contact: Dr. Lee Willis; lwillis@uwsp.edu; Phone: 715-346-2334


 International Studies


Program website: http://www.uwsp.edu/history/pages/programs/intl_major.aspx

Course #: International Studies 395 (Internship)
Contact: Dr. Brian Hale; bhale@uwsp.edu; Phone: 715-346-2903




Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/mathsci/

Course #: Mathematics 397 (Internship in Mathematics)
Contact: Dr. Cynthia McCabe; cmccabe@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2120


 Natural Resources


Internship website: http://www4.uwsp.edu/cnr/internships/
CNR website: http://www.uwsp.edu/cnr/
CNR Director of Internships is Dr. Paul Doruska; pdoruska@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-3988

Coordinators of intern programs in the individual disciplines are listed below

Course #: Forestry 381/581 (Internship in Forestry)
Contact: Dr. James Cook; jcook@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2269
Dr. Melinda Vokoun; mvokoun@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-5161

Course #: Natural Resources 381/581 (Internship in Natural Resources)
Contact: Dr. Anna Haines; ahaines@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2386 (land use planning)
Dr. Robert Holsman; rholsman@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4546 (law enforcement)

Course #: Paper Science & Engineering 300 (Mill Internship)
Contact: Dr. Karyn Biasca; kbiasca@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-3962

Course #: Soil 381/581 (Internship in Soils)
Contact: Dr. Jacob Prater; jprater@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4180

Course #: Waste Management 381/581 (Internship in Waste Resources)
Contact: Dr. Rob Michitsch; rmichits@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4190

Course #: Water 381/581 (Internship in Water)
Contact: Dr. Ronald Crunkilton; rcrunkil@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4509

Course #: Wildlife 381/581 (Internship in Wildlife)
Contact: Dr. Tim Ginnett; tginnett@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4191


 Peace Studies


Program website: www.uwsp.edu/history/pages/programs/peace_minor.aspx

Course #: Peace Studies 390 (Internship/Practicum)
Contact: Dr. Brian Hale; bhale@uwsp.edu; Phone: 715-346-2903




Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/physastr/

Course #: Physics 390 (Cooperative Internship in Applied Physics)
Physics 490 (Internship in Applied Physics)
Contact: Dr. Chris Verzani; cverzani@uwsp.edu; Phone: 715-346-4764


 Political Science/Public Administration & Policy Analysis


Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/polisci/

Course #: Political Science 455 (Internship in Government)
Contact: Dr. Edward Miller; emiller@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-3130/2688

(Most internships are with local agencies, but there are state and national internships as well. Affiliation with the Washington Center in Washington, D. C. for some national internships.)




Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/psych/

Course #: Psychology 494 (Human Services Internship)
Contact: Dr. Jeana Magyar-Moe; jmagyarm@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-3958


 Theatre and Dance


Department website: http://www.uwsp.edu/theatre-dance/

Course #: Dance 428 (Dance Internship)
Contact: Ms. Joan Karlen; jkarlen@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-3982

Course #: Theatre 492 (Theatre Internship)
Contact: Mr. Gary Olsen; golsen@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-4429


 Web and Digital Media Development


Program website: http://www.uwsp.edu/cnmt/Pages/wdmd-major.aspx

Course #: WDMD 397 (Internship in Web and Digital Media Development)
Contact: Dr. Tim Krause; tkrause@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-3851


 International Internships


Office website: http://www.uwsp.edu/studyabroad/
Contact: UWSP International Programs, intlprog@uwsp.edu; Phone 715-346-2717

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