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Four Feet Under

Congratulations to Art 398 section 21 on completing the sculpture outside the LRC. The piece entitled Four Feet Under is currently on display and stands 16ft tall and spans 12ft across. The "I" beams are made of Newburyport Cabot blue-stained Pine 2"x12" boards and weigh up to 240 pounds.

Visiting Artist: Rebecca Arday from the Pilchuck Glass School
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Rebecca Arday, glass artist
and Education Programming admisistrator at Pilchuck Glass School has joined us as a visiting artist for the next two weeks, funded by the student organization SCULPT. She  is currently making work in the glass studios and is working with students in hot glass and kiln cast glass. She will be giving two public demonstrations on pate de verre glass casting. Students of 355 will be making a piece with her on September 19th, 8am-10:30am in room 197, sculpture studio, and a public demonstration next Thursday, September 26th,  7pm-9:30pm in the same room.
Check out her work--Rebecca's website: http://rebeccaarday.com/home.html
Larson Awarded Scholarship by Chinese Government

Recent graduate Ellen Larson stated in a recent email:

​"I was awarded a graduate degree program scholarship from the Chinese government to pursue my graduate studies at Minzu University of China. I plan to earn my M.A. studying modern Chinese history. This Chinese Government Scholarship includes three years of full funding for the M.A. program, exemption from tuition and registration, and lab and practicum fees, and basic textbook costs, and includes free on-campus accommodations. In addition the scholarship includes a living stipend of 1,700 CNY/month, a one-time relocation subsidy of 1,500 CNY, and Chinese medical insurance.

Minzu awarded 32 scholarships to students who applied from all over the world. I was one of two American students selected for this scholarship."
Congratulations to Ellen on this achievement!
UW-Stevens Point archival art paper for sale

Channel 7 WSAW Page Content

By Leah Krause
River Point art paper is produced at UW-Stevens Point. It was developed in collaboration with the Department of Art & Design, Department of Paper Science & Engineering and Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology. The goal was a high-quality archival art paper that was also affordable for students and faculty in the arts department.
The project was made possible with UWSP's student-run paper machine -- the fastest in the nation.
It took about four test runs to get the paper "just perfect" and is now available for order.

UWSP students create paper for artists
By Luke Ranker
Stevens Point’s newest paper production company could rival French fine art paper makers.
For a year, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point students have been producing RiverPoint Paper, a high-quality fine art paper. The paper is the product of a collaboration between the paper engineering and science and fine arts departments, as well as the Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology, or WIST. Bob Erickson, professor of printmaking at UWSP, said the idea to produce fine art paper emerged about three years ago when he asked professors in the paper engineering and science department if they could make paper similar to the expensive fine art paper imported from Europe.
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