Mission Statement

The Accounts Receivable Office provides a centralized, automated student billing system that includes billing for tuition, fees, room, board and miscellaneous charges.  Our priority is to provide accurate billing statements to UWSP Students, making customer service a top priority in all interactions. 

Department Goal

The Accounts Receivable Office is committed to satisfying our customer's needs to the best of our ability. We will respond to all requests with courtesy, accuracy, and prompt service.


1/20/20161098T forms - look in myPoint/Finance
8/18/20161st Fall bill email
9/9/20161st Fall bill due
9/15/20162nd Fall bill email
10/6/20162nd Fall bill due
10/13/20163rd Fall bill email
11/3/20163rd Fall bill due
11/10/20164th Fall bill email
12/2/20164th Fall bill due
1/10/20171st Spring bill email
1/31/20171st Spring bill due
2/2/20172nd Spring bill email
2/23/20172nd Spring bill due
3/2/20173rd Spring bill email
3/30/20173rd Spring bill due
4/6/20174th Spring bill email
4/27/20174th Spring bill due