Installment Payment Plan

UWSP offers a Partial Payment Plan, during Fall and Spring semesters, which provides for payments to be made in two equal installments, following the initial $100.00 registration deposit.  The charges which may be included are academic and segregated fees, room, board, special course fees and miscellaneous charges. Note: there is no installment plan during the summer semester.


Under the partial payment plan, charges will be billed as follows:


Bill # Fall E-mailed Payment Due Date % of bill Due
1 08/13/2015 09/04/2015 none*
2 09/10/2015 10/01/2015 50%
3 10/08/2015 10/29/2015 100%
4 11/05/2015 12/03/2015 100%
Bill # Spring E-mailed Payment Due Date % of bill Due
1 12/17/2015 01/29/2016 none*
2 02/04/2016 02/25/2016 50%
3 03/03/2016 03/31/2016 100%
4 04/07/2016 04/28/2016 100%

 *Full payment for the current semester must be paid by this date to avoid finance charges.

Partial Payment Plan Credit Agreement

UWSP students may elect to use the Partial Payment Plan.  All students will be required to sign a Partial Payment Plan credit agreement attesting to the fact that they have read and understand the following credit terms. ( Students can verify they have signed the Partial Payment Plan credit agreement in View Account Detail on myPoint.  UWSP will notify students that have not signed a Partial Payment Plan credit agreement through a Hot Topic message to the student.) 
  1. That charges may include academic, segregated, room, board and other special fees and charges.

  2. That all fees must be paid before any financial aid funds will be disbursed directly to the student.

  3. That the use of the plan does not imply that a student can withdraw from UWSP and thereby be excused from the remaining payments for the semester.

  4. That the plan merely defers portions of the fees to be paid later in the term.

  5. That UWSP may make changes in the terms of this agreement by notifying the student in writing of such changes 15 days prior to their effective dates. Any such changes shall apply to future credit transactions only.

  6. That if a student fails to withdraw from UWSP properly, he/she will be responsible for all charges.


Finance Charges

  1. That a FINANCE CHARGE will appear on the billing statement for each period in which the entire balance is not paid in full by the billing due date. The FINANCE CHARGE will be assessed on any unpaid balance as of the first day of each term.

  2. That a FINANCE CHARGE is calculated on the Previous Balance (exclusive of the previous FINANCE CHARGES) reduced by payment and applied credits as they are made during the billing period.

  3. That the FINANCE CHARGE will be calculated at the periodic rate of 1 1/4% per month (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE OF 15%) on that portion of the balance which is $500 or less, and at the periodic rate of 1% per month (ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATE OF 12%) on that portion of the balance which is in excess of $500.00.

  4. That any charges arising out of obligations incurred during the term of this agreement will be subject to the stated finance charge until said charges are paid in full.

  5.  That a finance charge will be assessed on the unpaid balance until financial aid is applied to the student's account.



  1. That to be eligible for the partial payment plan, a payment must be made.

  2. That the first payment is considered a down payment. Half of the remainder will be due approximately one month after the beginning of classes and the remaining balance will be due approximately two months after the beginning of classes.

  3. That payment of the remaining balance or payment of more than the minimum required payment can be made to avoid or to reduce future finance charges.


Delinquent (Payment is not made by the due date)

  1. That delinquent accounts will continue to be billed in accordance with each semester's billing schedule.

  2. That if the student is delinquent, a hold will be placed on the student's record. No transcripts shall be issued or diplomas mailed until all delinquent fees are paid.

  3. That failure to make payments as agreed may result in a denial of registration and installment credit for future semesters.


Defaults (Payment is 30 days or more past due)

  1. That if the student defaults on the installment payments, UWSP may disclose that information along with relevant information to credit bureau organizations.

  2. That if the unpaid balance is turned over to a collection agency for collection, the student will pay all attorney's fees and other collection costs and charges necessary for the collection of any amount not paid when due.