​General Education Program:

Assessment of student learning in our General Education Program (GEP) draws upon several measures, including institution-wide assessment and department-based assessment.  In addition to this, our GEP Assessment plan outlines the use of Course Portfolios and Faculty Learning Communities.

Course and Program Portfolio Workshops

Over the summer and fall, Paula DeHart will facilitate a series of workshops to support instructors offering Interdisciplinary Studies designated courses during Fall 2016, focusing on GEP learning outcomes and the process of assembling a Course Portfolio.  Additionally, these workshops will also focus on the elements and construction of Program Portfolios for the assessment of Communication in the Major (CM) and Capstone in the Major (CAP) learning outcomes.  These workshops are also designed to assist department chairs and discipline coordinators, as well as faculty teaching CM and CAP designated courses for Fall 2016 who have been identified by their departments to assist in collecting materials for the CM and CAP Program Portfolios.
Please see the FLYER for information about the remaining GEP Assessment Portfolio Workshops. 

Course and Program Portfolios

Instructors offering GEP Interdisciplinary Studies designated courses during Fall 2016 are required to submit a Course Portfolio by February 1, 2017.  Additionally, departments are required to choose a degree program (i.e., a major) and submit two Program Portfolios: a Communication in the Major (CM) Program Portfolio and a Capstone in the Major (CAP) Program Portfolio.  Both of these Program Portfolios are also due by February 1, 2017.

Faculty Learning Communities

During the spring semester, Faculty Learning Communities will complete three tasks:
  1. Review all Course and Program Portfolios using a rubric.
  2. Provide portfolio feedback to instructors and departments.  (Note: Course Portfolio feedback is shared only with the instructor.) 
  3. Generate a summary report that includes aggregated results, trends, and suggestions (note: this report will not include any identifying information from the Course Portfolios).  
For the participants of the Faculty Learning Communities that will be reviewing the Course and Program Portfolios, please refer to the message from the General Education Committee: