​General Education Program:

Assessment of student learning in our new GEP draws upon several measures, including institution-wide assessment and department-based assessment. In addition to this, our GEP Assessment plan outlines the use of Course Portfolios and Faculty Learning Communities.
A full discussion of the GEP Assessment plan can be found in the "Step 6" document that was approved by Faculty Senate: Step 6 Assessment.
Instructors offering GEP Foundation Level courses during Fall 2013 are required to submit an electronic Course ePortfolio by February 1.
For the participants of the Faculty Learning Communities that will be reviewing the Course ePortfolios, please refer to the message from the General Education Committee:
To assist with the process of submitting a Course ePortfolio, four (4) workshops were offered in December 2013 and January 2014. For more information, please refer to the flyer: GEP Course ePortfolio Workshops (December 2013 / January 2014)


Spring 2014: Faculty Learning Communities

During spring 2014, Faculty Learning Communities will complete three tasks:
  1. Review all Course ePortfolios using a rubric.
  2. Provide feedback to individual instructors (note: this feedback is shared only with the instructor)
  3. Generate a summary report that includes aggregated results, trends, and suggestions (note: this report will not include any identifying information from the Course ePortfolios). 
Additional Resources:
Fall 2013 Kick-Off Events:
During Fall 2013, we will be sponsoring two kick-off events to help explain the GEP Assessment process (flyer). The first event was held on October 11, 2013 and provided a general overview of the assessment process. The second event was held on Friday, November 8, 2013, and focused on the role of Faculty Learning Communities.

October 11:


November 8:

Critical Thinking:
For those who are interested in developing a systematic approach to teaching and assessing Critical Thinking, two workshops were offered by Dona Warren (November 5 and November 13). Please refer to the flyer for additional information as well as these resources: