​General Education Program: Experiential Learning Activity (ELA)

UW-Stevens Point's new General Education Program (GEP) requires that all students complete an Experiential Learning requirement.
In some cases, students can satisfy this requirement by completing a structured, credit-bearing course that has been proposed by an academic department and approved by the General Education Committee. Departments proposing the credit-bearing course or experience will use their best judgment when determining the number of hours required, as well as the type of reflection required of students.
In other cases, however, students may elect to satisfy this requirement by completing an Experiential Learning Activity (ELA). A comprehensive set of resources regarding this ELA option can be found here:
Students completing the ELA option are required to work with an ELA Mentor, and any faculty or staff member on campus can serve in this capacity. However, ELA Mentors will need to understand the requirements and expectations associated with the ELA option. Here are complete lists of ELA Mentors:

ELA Mentor Resources: Requirements & Expectations

ELA Mentors are required to complete a brief training session which is designed to help ELA Mentors provide feedback and guidance to students who elect to complete the ELA option. It will be important to know the details about the ELA requirement and how to help our students find success.

Additional Resources:
Click here for the complete Experiential Learning guide, including:
  • Overview (PDF)
  • Expectations & Responsibilities Checklist (PDF)
  • ELA Planning Form ( Word | PDF )
  • Reflection Guide (PDF)
  • ELA Assessment Rubric ( Word | PDF )
  • Completed ELA Approval Form ( Word | PDF )


If you have additional questions, please contact:

Dr. Nancy LoPatin-Lummis
Director of General Education
Phone: (715) 346-4023
Email: nlopatin@uwsp.edu