General Education Program:

Communication in the Major

UW-Stevens Point's General Education Program (GEP) includes a "Communication in the Major" requirement.

Communication in the Major courses provide students with systematic opportunities to develop oral and written communication skills in the context of their chosen fields, beginning the process of learning to communicate effectively in discipline-specific formats and styles.


Upon completing this requirement, students will be able to:

  • Apply discipline-specific standards of oral and written communication to compose an articulate, grammatically correct, and organized presentation/piece of writing with properly documented and supported ideas, evidence, and information suitable to the topic, purpose, and audience.
  • Critique their own and others’ writing/oral presentations to provide effective and useful feedback to improve their communication.

Instructors who offer Communication in the Major courses are required to complete professional development training that focuses on Written Communication (offered by Wade Mahon, English) and Oral Communication (offered as an online module developed by Cade Spaulding, Communication).

These training opportunities are designed to provide instructors with a suite of techniques and strategies to reinforce common elements of successful communication.

Training Details:

Those Who Are Already WE Certified:

If you already have Writing Emphasis certification, then all that you have to do is complete the Oral Communication online training module.

Please visit the Oral Communication training page to learn more about oral communication components and learning outcomes.


Those Who Are NOT Already WE Certified:

If you have not completed WE certification, you will need to complete both the Written Communication trainings and the online Oral Communication training module.


To register for Written Communication workshops, please contact Wade Mahon (  More information can be found on the Written Communication training page.


To complete your Communication in the Major training, you will need to access the Oral Communication online training module through D2L.  See here for instructions on how to access this online training module.


 For more information , please also visit the Oral Communication training page.


If you have any general questions about the Communication in the Major training, please feel free to contact: Todd Huspeni at 715-346-4250 or