The Wisconsin Institute for Sustainable Technology (WIST) connects the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point to business and industry and provides research, laboratory services, and education. We're entrepreneurial, working to bring new ideas and innovation from the university to the private sector. Our research includes biofuels, renewably sourced chemicals from biomass, and value-added uses of agricultural and forestry residuals from processing. Laboratory services include paper testing, paper grade development, compostability, and other analyses such as ion chromatography for carbohydrates, organic acids and alcohols. WIST educational offerings include papermaking courses, topics in sustainability, and our annual Focal Point conference.

WIST is an institute within the College of Natural Resources
at UW-Stevens Point.

WIST creates sus​t​ainability solutions
and economic opportunities​​​​

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 Upcoming Events

<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>02-25-2015</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>Wisconsin Integrated Resource Management Conference</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClass68A8EB964C8C4176B95DC4DCA98AF1EC"><p>​February 25-27 in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin. For registration information: <a href=""></a> WIST is hosting a special composting workshop at the conference: Challenges and Opportunities of Organics Diversion. Read more about the workshop <a href="/wist/Pages/education/composting-workshop.aspx">here</a>.  </p></div></div></DIV>
<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>02-25-2015</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>Special Composting Workshop</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClassD38CC52CF62C4C27A395ADEA4B125C9B"><p>​Industrial composting has taken a foothold in various states in the US while in others it is still in its infancy or yet in others it is not even under consideration.<br /> <br />This workshop is intended to throw light on the current situation. The session will open with an overview of challenges in composting and the use of compostable garbage bags in organics diversion. The workshop will then move on to provide insights into successful implementation and deployment of industrial composting programs on a county scale by showcasing examples of successful programs and best practices as well as addressing the challenges of establishing a composting infrastructure from the beginning. The session will conclude by presenting the new frontiers and challenges in composting practice as well as compostability standards and innovative packaging solutions.<br /> <br />The goal of the workshop is to help enable pragmatic decision making for those considering industrial composting as a feasible waste management option in their own communities.  </p> <p>WIST will host this workshop at the Wisconsin Integrated Resource Management Conference Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, February 25-27, 2015. The workshop is scheduled for February 25, 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. For registration information and more about the conference click <a href="">here</a>.</p></div></div></DIV>
<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>03-31-2015</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>SustPack 2015: Collaborating to Move Sustainability Forward</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClass3297B41A630547FE884A3869CA74D7D9"><p>​WIST and IPS Testing, our partner in paper industry services, will be exhibiting at SustPack in Orlando, Florida, March 31-April 2. Join us and more than 400 industry professionals from across the spectrum of sustainable packaging.</p></div></div></DIV>
<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>04-19-2015</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>PaperCon 2015</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClassF5333990B12D4AF7B0E2E030F7F6C7D4"><p>​Join WIST, IPS Testing and professionals from all aspects of the paper industry at the world's largest pulp and paper technical program. We will be hosting a booth in the exhibit hall -- stop by and visit with us about your business needs. </p> <p>PaperCon is April 19-22 in Atlanta.</p></div></div></DIV>
<DIV id='eventList'><div id='eventDate'>04-20-2015</div><div id='eventUrl'><a href=''>International Biomass Conference and Expo</a></div><div id='eventText'><div class="ExternalClass59B27371164943BAB7682F87B6C92DAB"><p>The eighth annual International Biomass Conference and Expo is set for April 20-22 in Minneapolis. The event brings together entrepreneurs, project developers, researchers, company executives and others from throughout the biomass industry. Billed as the &quot;largest and fastest growing event of its kind,&quot; the 2015 Biomass Conference is expected to draw more than 1,500 attendees.</p> <p>WIST will be exhibiting at the conference, hosting a booth highlighting services of the Cellulose Pilot and Processing Lab, a public-private partnership of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and American Science and Technology.</p></div></div></DIV>


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