Family & Consumer Sciences Graduate Certification: Course Curriculum

Course/Event​ Credits   
FCS 792 Nutrition and Food Prep for Healthy Living
​4 Hybrid​ ​Summer
FCS 793 Development and Guidance of Children and Adolescents   3 cr. Online​ ​3 ​Online ​Summer
FCS 791 Curriculum in Family & Consumer Sciences ​3 ​Hybrid ​Fall 2016
HD 572 Consumer Economics
​3 ​​Online ​Spring
2015, 2017
ED 382 ​**For Non licensed students. ​    1 ​Online ​Spring
2015, 2017
FCS 594 Principles of Career and Technical Education
​2 ​​Online ​Summer
2015, 2017
FCS 596 Cooperative Occupational Education Programs
​1 ​​Online ​Summer
2015, 2017
​HD 762 Family Issues in Society ​3 ​​Online ​​Summer
2015, 2017
ED 386 or 586 Literacy in the Secondary School ​3 ​​Online ​​Summer
2015, 2017
Praxis II – 0121* ​Prior to Student Teaching
FCS 798 * Graduate Internship (student teaching for those who currently hold a teaching license)
or FCS 398/ FCS 400** (for those who do not currently hold a teaching license)​
​3 / 14 ​Fall 2015, 2017
*Certified Teachers should consult with Marsha Larson regarding the timing of when they are required to pass the Praxis II – 0121 and when they are allowed to student teach. This timing will vary on a case-by-case basis depending on each person’s student teaching placement.
**Those who need their initial teaching license as well as the FCS certification will have to work closely with the School of Education adviser to identify what coursework would be required for initial licensure and consider their personalized course schedule worked out with the School of Education adviser in addition to this one and should refer to the School of Education website regarding the timing of when you are required to pass the Praxis I and Praxis II. 

Praxis II Test Information

Praxis II for Family and Consumer Education - code 0121
To student teach in fall 2015, students must have the Praxis II test completed before March 1, 2015, with a score of 159 or greater. Most students schedule the test with at least one more opportunity to take the exam after they receive their test results in the event they do not receive a high enough score the first time they take it.  
The exam requires registration. The registration deadline tends to be about 1 month prior to the exam date. Exams are administered on a schedule that varies in frequency more than a month apart from each other (often 2+ months apart). Some exam sessions fill up early, so make sure to plan ahead and make sure you have a back-up plan to ensure you have taken the exam and have the results prior to student teaching.  
Information about the exam, including registration information is available at:
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