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Univ​ersity Personnel Development Committee

UW-Stevens Point Funding Opportunities:

Guidelines (Guidelines are available by clicking on the links below or hard copies are available in the Grants Office, 208 Main).

 Applications & Budget Forms (Can be found under Forms)

Deadline Dates: Schedule for UPDC Grant Deadlines and Review 2013-2014
Academic Staff Professional Development (Provides an opportunity and source of support for increased effectiveness by expanding the knowledge of academic staff (all categories) in their areas of expertise. This program also addresses the need for refining and developing skills for renewal and for retraining of personnel within and across program units.)
Classified Staff Grants (The purpose of these grants is to support all categories of classified staff for development and training.)
Creative Dissemination Fund (Provides support in the dissemination of work in the media - maximum per individual in any three year cycle is $3,000.)
Course Innovation (CI) grant provides a $3,000 summer stipend to eligible faculty or academic staff for the development of new and/or innovative classes, teaching strategies, methods of classroom presentation, and the development and implementation of innovative assessment strategies for course curriculum improvement. This opportunity requires a minimum $300 match from the applicant's academic department/unit and/or college. Innovation may include better serving specific or more diverse student populations.
New Faculty/Staff Grant (For 1st and 2nd year faculty and all categories of 1st and 2nd year academic staff funding opportunity for research or development projects.)
Publication Fund (maximum per individual in any three year cycle is $3,000 for refereed publication of scholarly work) Form
Sabbaticals - Sabbatical help link (faculty members with at least six or more years of full-time instructional service or its equivalent)
Revised Guidelines - Draft Proposals Required with Department Chair and Dean signatures.
UPDC Guidelines (UPDC grants generally fall into one of two categories: research or development. Research is defined as a systematic scholarly investigation of some phenomenon or series of phenomena. Development projects will focus on the development of University personnel, not programs. Faculty and all categories of academic staff may also make requests in this grant category for retraining or renewal projects.)
Final Report Form - As part of the requirements for UPDC grants, a report detailing the accomplishment of the objective shall be submitted to the Grant Support Services Office within one year of the date the grant is awarded.


Committee Members 2013/2014-  Helena Alden-Chair (Sociology & Social Work), Stacy Schwenke-Vice Chair (Office of Research and Sponsored Programs), Jason D'Acchioli (Chemistry), Nisha Fernando (Interior Architecture), Shelley Auer (University Stores/Classified Staff Rep.), Keith Rice (Geography/Geology), Paul Fowler (WIST), Brian Sloss (Coop. Fishery) Devinder Sandhu (Biology), Barbara Mihm (Business & Economics), Axel Schmetzke (University Library) and Susan Bender (Music).