Gener​al Education Program (GEP)​​

Mission Statement: The General Education Program provides the framework of a liberal education, equipping students with the knowledge and skills to facilitate intellectual and personal growth, pursue their advanced studies, and improve the world in which they live.
At UW-Stevens Point, we believe that a liberal education is essential to living in today’s global society. We also believe that global citizenship requires that individuals learn to see the world from perspectives other than their own. Some of these perspectives are cultural and develop from the study of other languages, ethnicities, and beliefs. Some perspectives come from honing new intellectual skills, by learning math and science, for example, or cultivating an understanding of the past and an appreciation of the arts and literature. And some perspectives are the products of unique experiences such as getting involved in a community or studying abroad.
Ultimately, the more students are encouraged to step outside their familiar habits and beliefs, the more they gain the wisdom to see connections between themselves and the world around them, the generosity to empathize with the differences they encounter, and the willingness to place their newfound abilities in the service of a larger community. In this way, a liberal education at UW-Stevens Point prepares students to be responsible global citizens.
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Program Outcomes

The General Education Program (GEP) seeks to develop these qualities of global citizenship in four distinct ways. After completing the general education curriculum, students will:

  • Demonstrate critical thinking, quantitative, and communication skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing global society.
  • Demonstrate broad knowledge of the physical, social, and cultural worlds as well as the methods by which this knowledge is produced.
  • Recognize that responsible global citizenship involves personal accountability, social equity, and environmental sustainability.
  • Apply their knowledge and skills, working in interdisciplinary ways to solve problems.


"What is General Education?"

The General Education Program (GEP) was developed collaboratively with the AACU-LEAP Initiative.
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For questions related to UW-Stevens Point's new General Education Program, please contact:

Nancy LoPatin-Lummis
Director of General Education
Phone: (715) 346-4023