General Education Program:
Examples Page

The general GEP Application Form can be saved to your computer. We recommend renaming the document to reflect the department and course appearing on the form. For example, the file name “ANTH 110 GEP Course Application Form” would be specific enough to avoid confusion. Note: there is a separate GEP Application Form for Interdisciplinary Studies courses, as well as a GEP Application Form for Experiential Learning courses.

Below are some example forms that have been filled out. Also included are some of the “supplemental” materials, such as an example syllabus or grading rubric.
Individual Course Examples:

Psychology 399 (for Experiential Learning)

PSYC 399 GEP Course Application form.pdf
PSYC 399 Example Assignment
PSYC 399 Self-Assessment and Reflection

Paper Science & Engineering 103
Communication in the Major Examples:
Capstone Experience in the Major Examples: